Emily King Offers Listeners A ‘Change Of Scenery’

Emily King has been a SoulBounce staple for the past decade, and she's only gotten better with time. If you've had a chance to absorb her latest studio album Scenery, you were undoubtedly captivated by personal lyrics and pristine instrumentals co-produced with Jeremy Most. Now she's back to deliver a twist on the project with the cleverly titled remix EP, Change of Scenery.

King started 2019 on a high with the breezy groove "Can't Hold Me." Machinedrum keeps the song's carefree feel but adds a hypnotic Afrobeats rhythm that will hold your hips captive. The original "Forgiveness" is a downtempo plea, but in Wynne Bennett's hands, it takes on new life as an infectious '90s hip-hop/R&B fusion. Taylor McFerrin carved out some time from his own Love's Last Chance project to transform "Blue Light" into a tasty slow jam that's perfect for chilly autumn nights. Scenery closer "Go Back" sheds its folk-pop trappings for an edgier sound marked by rapid beats, courtesy of Dutch DJ/producer Wantigga. Perhaps the most radical makeover in the set, King Britt transforms the self-reflective ballad "Running" into a house/club anthem with haunting effects.

Emily King's Change of Scenery is available now wherever good music is sold. The singer is currently on tour with Sara Bareilles and tickets are available through her website.

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