It’s Time For Ntjam Rosie To ‘Start Over Again’

Photo Credit: Lenny Oosterwijk

It's been two years since the release of Ntjam Rosie's groove-heavy Breaking Cycles – not a terribly long time, but long enough for her Bounce-Worthy presence to be missed.  It turns out that the 2017 release was the first portion of a trilogy project, and she's been hard at work preparing the second installment, Family and Friends. With an official premiere date of February 28, 2020, the Dutch-Cameroonian artist graciously delivers a preview of what's in store with her lead single and new music video, "Start Over Again."

The song's theme is all about putting your ego in check, swallowing your pride and seeking to make amends after a lovers' quarrel. While it may sound like emotionally-heavy stuff, you'll find no melancholy here. "Start Over Again" begins with elastic harmonies and a funky strut before synth and percussion take the lead. Rosie's vocals are the perfect mix of slinky sass and soulful sweetness as she boldly opens the door to two-way communication. Ntjam describes the song as having "the joyfulness of late 80s pop" and she's not wrong.  It even has an awesome, obligatory sax solo so we know the '80s inspiration is real.

For the visuals, Rosie re-teamed with "Never Give Up" photographer/director Lenny Oosterwijk.  The colorful clip features a kaleidoscopic backdrop of African textiles and eye-popping graphics. The artist explains the overall concept, saying, "The song to me is feel good, so that is what I wanted to see on screen. I started to do some research and came across some 80's and mid 90's video’s that were quite 'in your face'. Bold, funky, raw, colorful, fun, and inviting. After all this research, we shot everything in one day." For an extra touch of authentic cool, Ntjam did her own makeup and wore her own clothes throughout filming.

Scroll down to hear and see Ntjam Rosie "Start Over Again," then support her independent artistry by downloading the track for your playlist. In addition to a new album, the singer is also set to appear in the Winnie Mandela-inspired touring production, Dear Winnie, starting next month. Be sure to visit her website, plus follow her Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates.

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