Jagged Edge Drip So Hard In ‘Genie’

The group Jagged Edge is busy putting the finishing touches on their next album A Jagged Love Story. While they work on wrapping that up, they are keeping us entertained with a video for the project's second single "Genie." Brandon Casey, Brian Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman are deep in their '90s R&B bag on "Genie," and the visual is a slight throwback to the era.

Like many a music video from the 1990s, the clip for "Genie" is more style than substance, with no plot whatsoever. However, what it lacks in a storyline, the foursome makes up for with a parade of fly men's fashions. Styled by Atlanta's Exclusive Game boutique, they are fresh dressed in various matching or coordinating looks in their scenes. They make everything from camo jackets to fur-trimmed Louis Vuitton coats look good. Each member is dripping in gold necklaces and diamond JE medallions and groomed to perfection by Richard Lomax. Directors Royal & Rae throw in a little eye candy for the fellas with shots of a woman dressed in black lingerie and draped in a white fur coat working her feminine wiles for the camera.

While "Genie" and lead single "Closest Thing To Perfect" are great appetizers, Jagged Edge assures that the main course in on the way. "Yes, the project is coming, we want to deliver a body of work you will appreciate," the group shared on social media today with the "Genie" video. Based on what we've heard and seen thus far, we're confident that A Jagged Love Story will be well worth the wait.

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