Jungle’s New Video Will Put A ‘Smile’ On Your Face

Jungle simultaneously ended their 4-year studio hiatus and thrilled their global fanbase with the 2018 release of For Ever. The album's visuals have been equally satisfying, capturing our attention and enticing us to dance with intricate choreography and unique settings. Their latest clip, for album opener "Smile," continues the trend in the most unexpected way.

Once again directed by Jungle frontman Josh Lloyd-Watson and frequent collaborator Charlie Di Placido, "Smile" was filmed during an actual concert this summer, with the unsuspecting audience filling-in as extras. The British collective is hiding in plain sight, performing the song live on stage while the camera focuses on talented dancer Che Jones. No stranger to the Jungle family, Jones has been featured in previous videos like "Cherry." However, he earns MVP status here as he dances his way from the top rear stalls of London's Royal Festival Hall (in Southbank Centre) all the way down to the stage – steep stairs and all. Talk about impressive!

Watching the audience's reaction is priceless, and as you'll see for yourself, the end result is totally worth it. Scroll down to peep the ambitious feat that earned a stamp of approval from music legend Nile Rodgers. Also, be on the lookout for Jungle's forthcoming collaboration with Back to Mine – a compilation mix that features "a personal collection for after hours grooving" – due on October 18th.

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