Sudan Archives Flips The Typical Video Script With ‘Confessions’

Sudan Archives isn't your traditional artist. That's part of why we added her to our stable of Bounce-Worthy artists two years back. It looks like she's going to be bringing more of her game-changing ways to her upcoming debut album Athena. But before she does that, she flips the script on what we've come to expect from a music video with the clip for the album's lead single "Confessions."

She begins the video looking like a towering goddess while rocking a sculpted leather bustier and green-tipped locs that hang well past her waist. She's chilling in a cozy-looking house alongside her gang of badass chicks who seem to be the type to give nary a damn about anyone else's feelings or thoughts. They all sway to the strains of Sudan's violin before meeting up in the streeets to wild out to the track. But, just when you think you know what's going on, the track flips to give us our first taste of Sudan's "Black Vivaldi Sonata" as she shows off her more sensual side — complete with red lights and equally red patent leather lingerie — before things fade to black.

It seems that our girl Sudan Archives definitely has something to say with this one. We'll get to hear even more of it when her Athena arrives in November.



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