Zedd & Kehlani Serve Up A Little Self-Respect In ‘Good Thing’

Zedd and Kehlani recently released their self-love anthem “Good Thing,” a mid-tempo bop that will put a little pep in your step as you walk to the beat of your own drum. Of course, all this self-love is good and dandy until you’re faced with a difficult situation. Thankfully, the duo explores this conundrum in the song's fun video.

Directed by Warren Fu, the clip finds Zedd and Kehlani working at a high-end restaurant full of the uber-rich, and they are uber-over it. Zedd is stuck playing elevator music on the piano while Kehlani is forced to wait on patrons who think it’s funny to embarrass the workers. In the end, they choose their self-respect over a paycheck, but not before Kehlani has some fun with the pompous patrons and hits some choreography with her co-workers as Zedd puts some pep into his piano playing.

In addition to the cinematic video, Zedd and Kehlani have also shared a lyric video for the track. In a simple, Great Gastby-themed execution, we watch as Zedd tickles the ivories in black and white as the lyrics, along with the sheet music, pop on the screen in gilded gold. If you're a student of the piano, this is even a great way to learn to play the track.

Hit play to get entertained and educated by Zedd and Kehlani's "Good Thing."

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