FKJ & Bas Take A Musical ‘Risk’ That Pays Off

If you're ever in a mellow mood and looking for a little musical accompaniment to match it, you can't go wrong with a selection from FKJ's catalog. There will soon be a new addition to that catalog with the coming arrival of his next EP Ylang Ylang. The musical multi-talent has quite the experience lined up with the set and he gives us a preview of what's to come thanks to new single "Risk."

"Risk" finds FKJ linking with Dreamville representer Bas, who handles most of the song's vocal duties. He drops stream-of-consciousness rhymes about life throughout, switching from hopeful and loving to personal and somber as the track progresses. Meanwhile, FKJ lays down a soft guitar melody as the song's base. Upon that, he layers the sound of chirping crickets, xylophone, beating drums and haunting vocal harmonies that create a pensive mood that perfectly frames Bas' personal rhymes.

"Immensely proud of this one. Love collaborating with artists that push the bounds and challenge me creatively," Bas said on Instagram about working with the French musician. "I consider [FKJ] amongst the greatest musicians of our generation so to write and be featured on his new single is a moment for me."

"Risk" is only the second official single from FKJ this year, with "Leave My Home" coming out this past March. We're pretty sure that both will be found on Ylang Ylang, which you can pre-order now before its release next week on November 12th.

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