Lucky Daye Is Having Girl Problems In ‘Karma’

We believe it was the great philosopher JAY-Z who said, "If you're having girl problems, I feel bad for you, son." Well, we're feeling pretty bad for singer-songwriter Lucky Daye right about now. His video alter ego is dealing with some girl problems of his own in the newly released clip for his single "Karma."

The song itself offers a new take on funk by putting a modern bounce into the mix. But the video showcases a problem as old as time. Lucky is smitten by a fly young thing named Karma at his place of business and throws caution to the wind to pursue her. He thinks it's heavenly bliss. However, she and her hella nosy friends keep imagining any interaction he has with a woman other than her as a potential affair. Helping an elderly woman with groceries? Cheating. A seamstress measuring the inseam of his pants? Cheating. Helping a customer after she falls off the mechanical bull? Oh, that's most definitely cheating. Despite her jumping to conclusions, Lucky has only eyes for her and wants to build more and even has a sincere heart-to-heart with her to no avail. Looks like this is one time Karma won't be coming back around.

"Karma," like all of his videos, also acts as a showcase for fashion. And Lucky Daye isn't the only fashion plate here, as his leading lady shows off a few looks that look fresh off the runway. So come for the video, stay for the story and stick around for the impeccable threads. Karma never looked so good.