QUIÑ & 6LACK Take Us To A Sexy Dreamscape In ‘Mushroom Chocolate’

QUIÑ and 6LACK had a jam on their hands when they dropped their joint collaboration "Mushroom Chocolate" earlier this year. So much so that we were beginning to wonder why more more effort wasn't put into promoting it. For real, though, couldn't we get a video or somethin'? Welp, it looks like the duo felt the same way. They were just taking their sweet time in giving it to us. The wait is officially over now as the track's video has finally dropped.

The visual, directed by Brilliant Garcia, finds the two singers in a sexy dreamscape filled with water and light. It's not exactly what we imagined when we first heard the song, but it works thanks to the pair's electrifying chemistry. QUIÑ and 6LACK spend the majority of the video hugged up closer than close in sheets of fabric. When that's not going down, they fix the camera with sultry stares and come hither looks as they flaunt their sensuality. No, we still have no idea what the title of the track means (and there's nothing in the video to provide any clarity). And you know what? We really don't care because of how well the duo sells it.

In addition to the new video, QUIÑ has also dropped her long-anticipated EP LUCID and — surprise, surprise — it features another collaboration with 6LACK as well as new tracks like her recent single "Calling." You can stream it in full after checking out the video for "Mushroom Chocolate" below. And if you're liking what you hear, be sure to pick up your own copy from your digital retailer of choice.


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