Quincy & King Combs Lounge Around While Looking For ‘Options’

For some folks, show biz is a family affair. That's especially true for Quincy. He's worked with his pops Al B. Sure! on an update of "Nite and Day," can always be found kicking it with his surrogate father Diddy and now he's working with little bro King Combs on his latest cut "Options."

Quincy and King Combs' musical collaboration is exactly what you think it would be. The brothers take turns rapping and singing about their need for love or lovin' — whichever comes first. Over a laid-back groove with more than a little '90s influence. Mainly, it finds Quincy wondering where the girl of his dreams could be. "You're prolly looking for no love / Well, that means that I got options / But on some real s**t / We can get this situation rockin', poppin'," he sings on the track's chorus.

Meanwhile, the song's video is all about the brotherly camaraderie as the fellas act up while lounging around their lavish digs. And we do mean lounging. The majority of the video's run time shows them chilling in robes and pajamas as the song's lyrics appear in colorful lettering on the screen. When they're not in their jammies, Quincy and King are kicking it comfy and casual via home video while goofing off for the camera.

The video for "Options" is a cute look for the famous siblings and sure to get their respective fans open for more collaborations between Quincy and King Combs in the future. You can see what we mean when you peep it below. And if you want to add the song to your own collection, well, you've got a few options.

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