Marie Dahlstrom Improvises On ‘A Loveletter’

As she prepares for the release of her debut album, Danish artist Marie Dahlstrom teases fans with a taste of the forthcoming project. Her latest single “A Loveletter – An Improvisation” is a delicate declaration of love and tells the tale of woman completely consumed by her newfound flame. Over a track composed by both Dahlstrom and South London producer/multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert, she notes her own self-awareness and appreciation for the patience shown by her lover singing, “Every day I’m learning more about myself and the truth / Very different from what I knew / ‘Cause you don’t hesitate when I’m making mistakes / And I know that it's coming from a good place so I’ll do right.”

The London-based beauty describes the ballad as a “raw reflection” upon her love for her someone special. She explains, “My boyfriend was away, in LA actually, when I wrote it, and I remember missing him. That day I had a session with Conor and I started the little piano theme on my keyboard, and Conor then began building the instrumental around it. After he left, I just turned on the mic, and sang whatever came to mind – no prewritten lyrics or melodies – which is why I called it 'A Loveletter – An Improvisation.'” In terms of her creative process for further developing the deeply personal track, she says, “I feel that emotion informs melody. I like the idea that someone should be able to feel what a song is about, without listening to the words. For me, melody always comes before words, and words often write themselves, on the right days. That’s my cue that I’ve made a good song. It feels easy and purposeful.”

Give Marie Dahlstrom’s “A Loveletter – An Improvisation” a spin, and be sure to add the track to your For Lover’s Only playlist from your favorite digital platform. Her debut album is set to drop in 2020, and SoulBouncers across the pond can grab tickets early to catch her live at London’s Bermondsey Social Club in March.

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