Pink Sweat$ Isn’t Quite Himself In ‘Body Ain’t Me’

With the release of his Volume 2 EP leading the way, Pink Sweat$ has seen his profile rise significantly this year. Now as 2019 comes to a close and he preps for the 2020 release of his full-length debut, Pink Planet, the singer leaves us with his final visual of the decade for "Body Ain't Me." And like his previous Thrice Cooked Media-directed projects, the clip is unconventional, entertaining, and very, very, pink.

Set in a picturesque blush-toned park, we see a woman pushing a stroller enjoying the beautiful day. As the camera pans down to give us a glimpse of who's inside, it turns out to be Pink Sweat$. Well, his head anyway, on a toddler body that definitely ain't his. Like the full-grown man, Little Pink is fond of the ladies and proceeds to mack his way through the park until he finds the woman (or babysitter, perhaps?) of his dreams.

Peep the quirky clip for Volume 2 track "Body Ain't Me" and follow Pink Sweat$ on Instagram and Twitter for updates on Pink Planet. If you're still feeling the holiday spirit, check out his recent update of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas."

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