Snoh Aalegra & Michael B. Jordan’s Love Is Like ‘Whoa’

Snoh Aalegra's sophomore album Ugh, those feels again hasn't left heavy rotation since its August release. She hit us square in our feels with the collection's love rollercoaster, and we're not the only ones who are caught up in her rapture if her heavy radio play and recent sold-out concert tour are any indication. Just when we thought that she was taking a break before she hit the road on the Ugh, A Tour Again Tour in 2020, Snoh ends her banner year with the release of a new music video for "Whoa," which finds her in the loving arms of rumored boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

The thespian plays the singer's love interest in "Whoa," and their chemistry is off the charts. Filmed on location in Berlin and directed by NO SCHOOL and Izabelle P. Wilson, we watch as the couple shares scenes that are both intimate and fantastical. The video starts with the pair seated on the pavement in the middle of a street with their legs and arms wrapped around in each other and sharing a kiss. Later, we're invited into their unique home and whether they're in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom, they are so into each other, exchanging smoldering glances, hugs and even more kisses. They're so focused on each other that bubbles overflowing onto the floor from Snoh's bubble bath, his motorcycle emitting light beams as they ride out and her fingernails on fire like lit candles are of no concern to them. Their love is like whoa (word to Mya), and that's all that matters.

"Whoa" follows clips for "I Want You Around" and "You." Those videos dropped much earlier this year, so we're happy to see that she didn't leave us hanging after the album dropped and delivered another dope visual. The chemistry between Snoh and her leading man and the eye candy provided by Michael Bae Jordan are just the cherry on top.

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