Summer Walker Wasn’t ‘Playing Games’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Summer Walker titled her debut Over It and it might have been prophetic as the singer has quickly garnered a reputation for not really digging the touring and appearance side of this entertainer thing. She's spoken about her social anxiety at length since, though fans expecting a more personal experience are still not thrilled by what they get. The show goes on, though, and Summer took time from her current touring schedule to make an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The rising singer decided to trot out her single "Playing Games" for the late-night audience and came with a mature look for the occasion. Her hair was styled in a sleek bob and she rocked an equally sleek and fierce blue pantsuit that fit her like a glove and had her looking like a million bucks. As for her performance, her nerves were a bit apparent. She stood almost entirely still during the short set, allowing her backing singers and band to do all the swaying and moving as she performed.

Though the song didn't call for an all-out dance break, it would have been nice to see her inject just a bit more personality into the proceedings. That being said, it was a serviceable performance from Summer Walker that surely got her name out to a wider audience.

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