Tink Has Found Real Love In ‘F*ck Around’

Tink has a knack for delivering the realest of love songs. While most focus on cliché romanticisms, she brings her unique viewpoint to show us exactly what she wants in a man on songs like this year's "Falling In Love." That's once again true with her latest single and video "F*ck Around."

If you can't tell by the title, Tink is talking about that good hood love. She's found her ideal love, a "n***a who come from the streets" who does all the things she likes and is a real man in her eyes. She admires the way he does his thing in the streets and sheets and it shows. She illustrates this in the song's video, which shows her and her boo enjoying a winter getaway in a cabin in the woods. But just in case you thought this was going to be typical, one of the first shots we see is Tink and her man sticking a man up for his yayo. They then take their bricks back to the cabin and get comfy and cozy by the fire. Oh, but they're not done. The couple eventually flips their weight for a few stacks, turning their Christmas from a white one to a green one in a matter of minutes.

While this type of love ain't for everybody, if it works for Tink, we can't be too mad at it. Get into her version of real love when you press play.