Amber Mark Is Feeling ‘Generous’ In Her Steamy New Single

Amber Mark seems to be an equal opportunist in the bedroom on her new single “Generous.” Like Usher’s song “Trading Places,” the singer has decided she’s going to be the one in the driver’s seat.

“You’re always catering to me so let me put you first,” she coos, in her husky yet sexy tone. She’s letting the man in her life know that “tonight is about you” and that he’s “finna get that 50 shades.” Amber’s ode to doing the grown up is shared over a sweeping symphony of strings, synths and heavy bass drums, combining classical instrumentation with some good old fashioned trap boom-bap. The unexpected sound bed works in the context of the song's role reversal as Amber takes control in the bedroom.

Along with the sexy new track, Amber also dropped a lyric video. The salacious lyrics play against a myriad of sensuous images such as blooming roses, falling petals and photos of the singer in her finest little black dress.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Amber Mark is here to help you set the mood and set it off. How "Generous" of her.

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