Cleo Sol Floats Like A ‘Butterfly’

London-based beauty Cleo Sol kicks off 2020 with new music and a video to boot. With her sweet tone and hopeful lyrics, her latest single “Butterfly” gifts fans with a dose of melodic motivation we can all use. In contrast to her previous singles "Sweet Blue" and "One," this new offering is stripped down to nothing more than an acoustic guitar, Cleo’s delicate vocals and raw emotion. This leaves the listener to contemplate the track's thoughtful and uplifting lyrics like, “I see you, body full of hate / Crying out for someone to save the day / I tell you, God makes no mistakes / You’re time will come, have faith.”

For the accompanying Dan 33-directed visual, she chose to continue on the wave of simplicity. Cleo is the focal point, as she stands alone singing in front of a darkened backdrop adorned in a nude tube top and matching cargo pants. Nothing in this video is overly done, which plays nicely with the song’s “I am enough” theme. Overall, both serve as a homey and humbling reminder that there is no need to attempt to rise to any unattainable standard, as we are perfect just as we are.

Give Cleo Sol’s “Butterfly” audio and video a spin, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your favorite digital platform. While there’s no word on whether this latest release is part of a rollout for a full project, here’s hoping that 2020 will bring us more of Cleo Sol.

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