Deborah Cox Serves Looks Amid Melodrama In ‘Easy Way’

When music veteran Deborah Cox dropped her latest single "Easy Way" back in November, we liked it but we weren't as crazy about it as we were some of her previous work. That's the problem when you have so many undeniable tracks under your belt. However, we would never doubt Deborah's ability to make a visual that you just can't help but watch. She's done just that with the release of the song's music video.

Though she's cut a step or two in previous visuals, there's something to be said about Deborah's ability to make us want to watch her by simply appearing in front of the camera. The stunning singer is able to do that here thanks to her drop-dead gorgeous looks and a few stunning fashions. There are a few absolutely beautiful flowy gowns that she rocks in the clip, including the opening blue number that she wears while sitting in a chair mere feet apart from the video's male co-star and a shoulder-baring salmon pink one with exaggerated sleeves. She accentuates each of those looks with tasteful jewelry and wavy locks that make it look like she's stepped out of a fashion shoot. Then, just when think all we're going to get is soft and regal from the songstress, she switches things up with a much edgier look near the video's end that includes bone-straight hair and a low-cut top. It's enough to make us even forget that her male lead is in the video at all, even as he does his best longing stare for the camera.

The video is definitely a good look and even elevates the song a bit in our eyes. Here's hoping that what comes next from Deborah Cox is equally appealing visually as well as musically.