Leven Kali, Smino & Topaz Jones Kick It With Their ‘Homegirl’

Can men and women really just be friends? According to singer Leven Kali, the answer can sometimes be complicated. After teaming up with Smino and Topaz Jones to tackle the question on the single "Homegirl," the trio returns with a sunny and colorful video to try to clarify their point.

In the clip, we see Kali, Smino and Jones at what looks to be a fun and chill kick-back filled with some of their friends. Playing video games, dancing, drinking and just hanging out (on the rooftop!) is on the agenda for the day. Though the hook insists that there's nothing more to their respective friendships, their interactions prove otherwise as the sparks are hard to ignore amongst this crew and their gal pals.

In addition to attempting to clear things up regarding their homegirls, the video also gives us the three-member group we never knew we needed. While each guy has clear chemistry with their respective friends, the true tea is that the guys have great musical chemistry together. Though we hope it will eventually lead to more collaborations between Leven, Smino and Topaz in the future, we at least have this dose of sunshine to enjoy while we wait for Kali to put the finishing touches on his upcoming album, High Tide.

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