Phony Ppl Gets Flirty With Megan Thee Stallion On ‘Fkn Around’

The first month of 2020 has come to a close but it's ending with a big bang. This particular New Music Friday has a smorgasbord of new albums, EPs, singles and videos. Standing atop the pack, however, is "Fkn Around," the long-anticipated collaboration between Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion. We first got wind of this collab when the two entities teamed up for a very special Tiny Desk concert back in October. While we enjoyed what we heard, we were not at all prepared for what the official studio version would bring.

For one, the track's funky groove is infectious as all get out. The crew looks to the funk sound of the '80s to craft a slick track made to make you move. The elastic bass anchors it all, allowing them to fill out the rest of the soundbed with rhythm guitar licks, synth chords and stabs and, of course, vocalist Elbie Thrie's unique voice. Secondly, hot girl Megan makes herself right at home on the track. Her southern-fried flow slides right into the mix as she lets it be known that she isn't one to tie herself down or be limited to just one man. Meg's feistiness and Phony Ppl's laid-back vibes aren't two things that we saw coming together, but the combination not only works, it might be our favorite thing to come from either party — and that's saying a hell of a lot considering their respective output thus far.

Are you here for this Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion collaboration? If so, you can groove and sing along to the lyric video for "Fkn Around" right here. After you do that, go ahead and treat yourself by purchasing the song from your digital retailer of choice.

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