Allen Stone Saves The Wedding Day In ‘Consider Me’

Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away. You know that means that everybody's starting to get extra lovey-dovey and looking to music to help them say what they're feeling. If you're in the search for that magic soundtrack, you can't go wrong with Allen Stone and his latest effort Building Balance. In fact, Allen has made it even easier for you by releasing a video for the set's latest single, "Consider Me."

"Consider Me" is Allen at his romantic best as he tells the apple of his eye to consider him to provide all the love she needs. Fittingly, the video for the song is set at a wedding at which the singer seems be the entertainment (and possibly the officiant — it's not really made clear here). As he stands in wait of the bride and groom, a panicky wedding planner (played by Taye Diggs) alerts him that the couple set to tie the knot aren't where they need to be. After speaking with them separately, he learns that they both are having trouble writing their vows. He then decides to buy them some time by performing his song. The tender number is the perfect soundtrack to a montage of two people falling in love and we get just that. We see the couple in good times and bad and learn the chapters of their love story along the way. Eventually, the two finally find the words and are ready to embark on their next chapter together.

Whether you're already in love or still looking for the right one, it's impossible for the latest clip from Allen Stone to not warm your heart. Check out the visual for "Consider Me" right here. And to set yourself up properly for V-Day, make sure to pick up Building Balance from your retailer of choice.

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