Charlotte Dos Santos’ ‘Helio’ Radiates Affirmation In Preparation For ‘Harvest Time’

Soul music continues to evolve in surprising ways, particularly as the internet and social media allow its global reach to extend farther than ever. Artists from all over the world have taken up permanent residence on our playlists, but in recent years, we've had to make room for a new slate of Scandinavian soul brothers and sisters. Charlotte Dos Santos is one such singer-songwriter, first catching our attention in 2017. Since then, buzz surrounding the Bounce-Worthy Brazilian-Norwegian artist has grown considerably, and now we're waiting with feverish anticipation for her Cleo follow-up, Harvest Time.

Dos Santos offered a preview back in November 2019 with the release of the title track and accompanying music video. With Harvest Time slated to drop next month, she now serves up another teaser with a warm tune entitled "Helio." "Harvest Time" visually embraced Mother Earth and lyrically encouraged the listener to "bury yourself" in order to bloom and grow. In contrast, "Helio" pays homage to the sun with a lovely paean promoting affirmation and self-love. Soaring strings, otherworldly synth and celestial harmonies create a gorgeous backdrop as Charlotte's cloud-like vocals provide cosmic chills. The atmospheric vibes penetrate the music video as well, with our girl looking positively radiant as director (and hubby) Eli Salcedo delivers a stunning visual treatment.

While the song was inspired by her obsession with the universe, the singer explains, "'Helio' is about self love. It is about the power we hold within ourselves and the fact that we truly only need ourselves to be happy...When I was writing 'Helio,' I first started writing the song with 'Helio' representing someone else, someone I couldn't live without- but then I realized I was tired of writing like that because it's simply not true–we don't need anyone to be our center, we are our center first and foremost. So I flipped the narrative resulting in 'Helio' representing myself, and the love for oneself."

Scroll down to bask in the melodic rays of Charlotte Dos Santos' "Helio," currently available, along with lead single "Harvest Time," ahead of the March 13th premiere of the new EP.  Be sure to visit her website as well for details on her upcoming tour, kicking off February 27th in Oslo.

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