It’s Complicated For Priest Da Nomad & Sy Smith On ‘Love Won’t Let Me’

Today is Sy Smith's birthday, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate our girl than by listening to her music non-stop all day. While we're in our Sy Smith love zone and immersing ourselves in all of her releases, we can't forget the tracks that she's lent her angelic vocals to by other artists. One such is a recent song that can be found on Priest Da Nomad's latest album The Manhood Project. Tucked away near the end of the collection is the song "Love Won't Let Me" that showcases both Sy and Priest's talents equally.

"Love Won't Let Me" finds the pair reflecting on a relationship that started off hot and heavy, but, after some time, things have gotten complicated. Their initial lust has morphed into something deeper as they both try to navigate their needs and desires. Atop an almost trip-hop sound bed with keys provided by Zo!, we hear Sy's side first. "If love is contagious then I need a witness cause I got a sickness and s**t is outrageous," she sings in a distinct cadence like a woman caught up. Although she's under his spell, she still has her wits about her as she admits later in her verse, "You are no good for me, this is no good for me." Priest then slides through to spit his bars, recounting when they first met and remembering the good times and all the good-good they shared. Now he's trying to understand where they went left after everything seemed alright.

Give Priest Da Nomad's "Love Won't Let Me" featuring Sy Smith a spin right here, and be sure to check out the rest of The Manhood Project album, which features a who's who from the progressive D.C. music scene including Muhsinah, Deborah Bond and Kokayi. And by all means, take a few minutes to wish the divine Sy Smith a happy born day today.

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