Kandi Kicks It On ‘ELLE’ Magazine’s ‘Song Association’

Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, wife, mother and reality TV star Kandi is every woman, it's all in her. Somehow the multi-passionate artist found a few minutes in her jam-packed schedule to pop up at ELLE magazine's studios to play a friendly game of "Song Association." From the onset, our girl wasn't feeling too confident, though. "I think I'm gonna suck at this game because I never remember lyrics, ever," she said, jinxing herself before she even got going. Right before she jumped into the game, the savvy businesswoman made sure to plug her new Kandi Koated Cosmetics line, her YouTube channel and her son's YouTube channel.

After doing a quick vocal exercise to warm up, Kandi was ret to go. ELLE threw her a softball with the first word "kick," but Kandi was actually stumped initially before pulling her group Xscape's first single "Just Kickin' It" outta her wig to beat the buzzer. She even shared a brief story about Jermaine Dupri deciding that would be their first single against their wishes because she and her fellow group members didn't think it was the strongest song. She missed the next word "away" but quickly rebounded with the word "go" and sang P!nk's "There You Go," a song that she wrote, and got all into it. ELLE hooked her up with the words "no," "you" and "fly" and Kandi knocked em out one by one with songs, including her own ditty "Fly Above." She got tripped up on the word "cool" but bounced back like a champ and pulled out songs by Ed Sheeran, The Five Heartbeats, Mary J Blige and more before ending with Cameo's "Candy" for the word "candy."

Kandi might have stumbled over a couple of songs on her way to the "Song Association" finish line, but she made it through and with a score of 13 outta 15 no less. She didn't do nearly as bad as she thought she would and impressed us with her memory and all the songs she's had a hand in writing.

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