Missy Elliott Is Nice With Her Pen & Penmanship In The ‘Why I Still Love You’ Lyric Video

Missy Elliott's Instagram is an entire mood with snippets of her music videos, awards show performances, behind-the-scenes clips and other assorted views of the icon being iconic. We love seeing all of the glitz and glam, but some of our favorite posts to see on Missy's IG, however, are when she whips out a good old-fashioned pen and a notebook and writes out inspirational messages on camera. Her handwriting is as gorgeous as her nail art, but it's the uplifting and encouraging words that she shares in the videos that really draw you in. Missy takes this concept to a new level for the lyric video for her current single "Why I Still Love You."

The lyric video follows the epic music video for "Why I Still Love You," which took us back to the Hall of Missy and found the superstar and her girl group The Demeanors performing the track in different the decades. Derek Blanks was behind the camera for that visual, and he returns to the director's chair here. The video is pretty much just Missy sitting at her desk and actually writing out all of the song's lyrics in various notebooks utilizing different pens while the song plays in the background. Although her handwriting is sped up to match the actual pace of the lyrics, watching Missy write is totally captivating. She admits that her "hand was so cramped" by the end and even called her handwriting "a mess" but we couldn't notice.

Press play to watch and learn all the lyrics to "Why I Still Love You," and see for yourself that Missy isn't only nice with the pen but with the penmanship, too.

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