Norelle Wants To Get ‘Deeper’

You might think you're not familiar with Norelle, but trust us, you are. She's the talented vocalist who's got the secret sauce that many of your faves turn to when they're in need of a stellar vocal to accent their work. She's also a respected solo artist in her own right, having delivered singles like "Homecoming" and "Planted" and her tribute EP To Sade. She's back on her solo tip with the release of her newest single "Deeper."

"Deeper" starts off with a slow, sensual groove filled with synths and distorted drums. While it has all the trappings of a bedroom banger, the lyrics reveal something much deeper (no pun intended) than what you'd expect. Rather than carnal desires, Norelle is looking for something more. In fact, she wants to get to the bottom of what exactly they are. "If you wanna know / Just ask me boy and I'll tell you / Just don't call it a lie," she sings on the chorus. "I love hard / It runs deeper than the ocean / Far and wide."

While ol' dude might not be sure of how he feels, we definitely know that we love us some Norelle. Here's hoping that 2020 brings much more of the singer our way. You can take a listen to "Deeper" right here and keep it locked on her socials to see what she's got coming up next.

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