SoulBounce Exclusive: Lisa Ramey Dismisses The Fake Ones On ‘You Ain’t My Friend’

Friends, how many of us have them? While friends and "framily" are great to have, sometimes certain folks eventually become more hassle than the strained relationship is worth. At those times, you might want to take the approach of The Voice alum Lisa Ramey and just put it bluntly like she does with her new single "You Ain't My Friend." Would you like to hear it? Well, lucky for you, SoulBounce has your exclusive first listen.

"It’s an anthem for all those 'friends' we wish weren’t in our lives," Lisa told us about the song and she isn't lying. The soulful rocker is straightforward on the track as she dismisses one of the fake people in her life with due diligence. "You ain't my friend / But I don't think you get it yet / At best you're an acquaintance that I wish I never met," she sings at the song's beginning. As if that weren't scathing enough, Lisa further makes it known that, at the end of the day, she just doesn't f**k with her like that, even roaring on the chorus, "I'm good, so good / I'm good without you, baby."

Lisa's message is delivered over an R&B melody infused with churchy organ and soulful guitar. However, when it comes to the chorus, the song goes full-on rock with electric guitars blaring and power chords soaring. This is one black girl who definitely knows how to rock and it shows all over this track.

"You Aint My Friend" is taken from the singer's upcoming album Surrender, which is set to release on March 27th and is currently available for pre-order on both Google Play and iTunes. The album is described as "one really long diary entry" that will give you insight into her life and times.

Give "You Ain't My Friend" a spin and look for the single to officially arrive tomorrow on all platforms. Then make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all things Lisa Ramey.

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