Alina Baraz Takes 6LACK To ‘Morocco’ & Announces Debut ‘It Was Divine’

Alina Baraz is a name we've been buzzing about ever since 2014, when the songstress teamed with producer Galimatias for the hypnotic track "Fantasy." She's managed to stay on our radar ever since with EPs like Urban Flora alongside Galimatias and her own solo EP The Color Of You. Six years in and Alina is finally ready to make a full step on her own with her upcoming debut full-length It Was Divine this May. As she prepares for the next stage of her career, she's teasing the upcoming project with her latest single "Morocco."

"Morocco" is a sultry duet with fellow singer 6LACK (who seems the go-to collaborator for female solo artists as of late). With a bad-ass bass guitar line backing her at first (along with a few airy synths adding a bit of flavor), Alina keeps things sexy with a breathy and staccato delivery. "My favorite view is me covered in you," she coos. "Nothing but my perfume / Oh, I love the taste of you." 6LACK ups the sexual ante even further with his verse as he gets a bit more explicit with his innuendo. "OK, now my face, your throne," he intimates. "Baby girl, daddy's home and we're still goin' strong / I'ma pick her up and then it's on." They both come together for the chorus, though, where they talk about loving until they don't realize where they are, singing in unison, "Yeah you take me to another time zone / Without ever even leavin' my door / Steady ridin' to another life though / Oh, I look up and we in Morocco."

"Morocco" — along with previous singles "To Me" and "Trust" — have It Was Divine sounding like an album to keep an ear out for. "This album gravitates around love and self," the singer said in a press release. "Losing it then finding it. A stream of thought, a shift in my perspective. It's learning how to take care of myself. Nourishing what's real. Learning how to let go. Learning how to let love in." We'll get to hear exactly what Alina Baraz means by that when the project drops on May 5th. Until then, take a sensual trip to "Morocco" when you press play.

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