Avehre Is Ready To Break Us Off On ‘No Purpose’

The last time we checked in with Avehre, he had us jamming with his single "Miles." A month later, and it seems that our guy doesn't plan on straying from those sensual vibes anytime soon. In fact, he's doubling down on them with the release of his latest single, "No Purpose."

"No Purpose" finds Avehre ready for love. Thankfully he's got a bedroom-ready groove at his disposal. Piano, synth and programmed drums come together to create a sensual groove that will get listeners lost in the sauce. Meanwhile, Avehre is self-assured and commanding with his vocal. "I know you know you gon' let me break you off / I can tell just by the way you talk the talk," he sings on the chorus. "You know I got what you need / That's why you're lurkin' / But it'll be worth it / What's the point if we ain't got no purpose?"

In other Avehre news, the singer was recently honored by WGCI in Chicago. He was the latest artist selected as the radio station's Hometurf: Next To Blow. "I'm extremely proud of this recognition from WGCI. Growing up in Chicago, it is the station I would listen to for what was hot and new," the singer said in a statement. "I look forward to continuing to represent the city as my journey unfolds."

Join in Avehre's celebration by pressing play below.

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