Denai Moore Announces ‘Modern Dread’ & ‘Cascades’ Into Her Psyche

One of the positive side effects of social distancing is the inherent need to check on each other and make sure we're all OK. Loved ones and friends are a given, but we're also concerned about co-workers, small businesses we frequent, Hollywood and, of course, musical artists. Being holed up indoors has been great opportunity to scroll through our Bounce-Worthy archives and get caught up with some of our faves, and we're glad to see artists like Denai Moore maintain their creative spirits in these uncertain times.

The British-Jamaican singer-songwriter has announced that her third album, Modern Dread, is in the works. While we wait, she offers lead single "Cascades" as a teaser. The song is an '80s-style soul-pop groove embedded with nu wave synth. Though the lyrics deal with sadness, Denai's vocals are quite lovely, melodically coasting over the layered production. In addition to being a great addition to our playlist, "Cascades" comes packaged with an interesting visual treatment that has piqued our curiosity.

Directed by Samuel Douek, the short film plays out like a hallucinogenic fever dream, or a toned down promo for American Horror Story. Moore explains, "I really wanted the 'Cascades' video to translate like a surreal weird dream. The song is about feeling visceral sadness and being too caught up in your own headspace. Sam and I collaborated on the concept of me literally melting myself as a kind of metaphorical self-destruction." Douek further expounds on the concept, saying, “She is both trying to lose herself in this bizarre world and looking to find herself by uncovering her own face (or mask) which ultimately frees her from her mind."

Whether you find the clip delightfully trippy or disturbingly creepy, there's no denying that Denai knows how to leave a lasting impression. Preview "Cascades" below and purchase a copy of the track for your permanent collection. Be sure to visit Denai Moore's website to pre-order Modern Dread and receive updates directly from the artist.

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