Kehlani Is Addicted To Heartbreak On ‘Toxic’

Kehlani is no stranger to troubled relationships. Her discography is filled with songs that let her lovers know, “I’m no good for you, and you’re no good from me.” From “Deserve Better” to “Keep On” to “You Know Wassup” to her last single “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” it's quite clear that Miss Parrish’s journey in love ain’t been no crystal stair. Now, in her latest single she’s calling it exactly what it is, “Toxic.”

“Toxic” follows "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" in detailing on her breakup with rapper YG. Kehlani says she freestyled most of the lyrics over a somber beat courtesy of G. Ry and KBeaZy. The stream of consciousness lyrics lay out her complex feelings over the situation, “All of this love is toxic / All these kisses and hugs is not s**t / You a damn drug, you’re toxic.” There’s also a shout out to Don Julio getting her deep in her feelings. Meanwhile Ty Dolla $ign adds some harmonies to the background. She’s not over her ex, but she knows that even though she’s still caught up in the rapture of him, it’s all emotions with no substance.

“Toxic” will appear on Kehlani’s forthcoming sophomore album. Singles so far include, “All Me,” “Change Your Life” and her last single calling out YG’s cheating, “You Know Wassup.” Hit play below and let us know if you can relate to Kehlani’s “Toxic” situation.

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