Lucky Daye Brings The Love With Performances Of ‘Call’ & ‘Fade Away’ For Vevo

Valentine's Day might've been last month, but we think every day is a day for romance here at SBHQ. That's why we're always here for our faves tickling our fancy with live performances of their romantic tracks. One performer that seems to always have something of that sort going on is rising star Lucky Daye, who sat down with Vevo once again to perform his tracks "Call" and "Fade Away."

The singer was decked out in a vibrant red shirt and ripped black jeans for the occasion, with he and his band performing in what's best described as a stylized box for the shoot. For "Call," Lucky started out leaning against a wall with mic in hand. He soon moseyed over to join his band for the samba-infused track. Somehow his vocals here actually sounded better than they did on the original track, which is featured on his debut Painted (perhaps due to the rawness of the live performance).

For "Fade Away," Lucky and crew remained seated as they settled into the song's smooth groove. They didn't change much about the single from The Photograph soundtrack. There was still, however, a certain urgency lent to the live performance that doesn't come through on the recorded version. In fact, if there was ever a perfect advertisement to catch Lucky Daye on the road, this performance was that.

You can catch both performances below. After that, we suggest keeping it locked on the GRAMMY nominee's website to see when he's coming your way next.



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