Marie Dahlstrøm Wants To Be ‘Home With You’

We're finally getting a full-length debut from Marie Dahlstrøm, and we here at SBHQ can hardly contain ourselves. The Danish singer-songwriter has been providing us with plenty of songs over the years, so we can only imagine what a full project from the singer is going to sound like. She's already given us an inkling with the release of singles "Through Your Eyes" and title track "Like Sand,"  and now she's back once again with yet another single, "Home With You."

"Home With You" is more of the cool, soothing soul that we've come to expect. Producer DanDiggas lays down a mellow sound bed with piano chords, drums and hand claps. It's the perfect backdrop for Marie and her silken voice to luxuriate. "Happy to be home with you / Happy to wake up with you / Even after all that you've been through," she sings on the lovely opening verse. She goes on to sing of an easygoing love that comes as natural as her beautiful vocal. As if that sentiment isn't enough, she goes on to let her lover know that she'll accept them flaws and all before pledging her undying loyalty on the chorus. "But I'm here whenever, wherever you need me," she sings. Also adding to the song is a talkbox solo from DT Soul, who reiterates the chorus' sentiment of being there for love.

We don't know about you, but we're thoroughly impressed by what Marie Dahlstrøm has offered from Like Sand thus far. We're sure we'll fall even deeper in love with the project when it's released on May 22nd. Give "Home With You" a spin right here.

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