Marie Dahlstrom Releases Title Track From Debut Album ‘Like Sand’

Bounce-Worthy darling Marie Dahlstrom has been prepping us for her debut album for years with a steady stream of sultry singles, including her duet with Jeremy Passion "Through Your Eyes" released earlier this year. Never one to leave us too long without new music, she continues to build on the highly-anticipated release of her Like Sand project and shares the title track featuring British guitarist Beau Diako. Her delicate vocals dance with gentle piano chords and groovy guitar riffs as she tells the tale of how the tight grip of insecurity can drive love away. True to form, she eloquently delivers poetic lyrics like, “Empty-handed ‘cause he holds onto questions he can’t control / Empty-handed by himself / When you’re holding too tight, she will slip away like sand.”

Marie describes her latest offering as “a song about fear.” She explains, “It’s about caring about someone - but expressing it in the wrong way - the fear of losing. It is something I think a lot of people can relate to; either being treated this way - or treating someone this way. Fundamentally, it is very human to fear loss, but holding on to someone too tight, will only make them hold on to you a little less. With this song, I hope that people who are treating their loved ones this way will meet this behavior and feeling with patience, awareness and willingness to change.”

Marie Dahlstrom's debut album Like Sand is all set to drop on May 22nd, and she’s wasting no time promoting her new music on the road. Though her upcoming show at London’s Bermondsey Social Club has already sold out, SoulBouncers across the pond can still grab tickets to catch her live at Copenhagen’s Jazz House Montmartre.

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