Smiles Davis & Alice Smith Give Us Something To Bop To With ‘Count On My Love’

With the way things are going these days, it looks like people the world over will be experiencing cabin fever sooner rather than later. You know what can cure that, though? Good music. We recommend putting on our current monthly playlist. But if want some of that new-new to bop to, we've got you covered with a new collaboration between DJ/producer Smiles Davis and Alice Smith. It's called "Count On My Love" and it will probably be your new favorite jam.

Smiles, who has collaborated the likes of BOSCOJck Davey and Tabi Bonney, knows her way around crafting an infectious groove. There's no better example of that than this track. She weaves together smoldering synth notes, a few flourishes and a driving drum beat to create a smoking house groove. Alice Smith isn't exactly who we think of for dance floor fillers, but she fits in quite nicely here. Her signature smoky vocal sits atop the beat as she reassures that her love will always be there should we need it. "If you want to you can always count of my love," she sings on the chorus. "If you need my lovin' / I'll give you my love, you see."

Though spring hasn't quite sprung and summer is at least three months away, this might just be the song you find yourself coming back to as the days get warmer and longer. Don't believe us? Well go ahead and press play to make yourself a believer in what Smiles Davis and Alice Smith have cooked up and then grab yourself a copy of this hot dance track to get you up and moving.

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