Thundercat Brings His ‘Black Qualls’ To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Spring is almost here and more new music from our faves is, too. One such fave is Thundercat, whose album It Is What It Is comes out at the top of next month. With its impending arrival nearing, Thundercat is beginning to hit the promo trail for the set. We expect to see him on many stages soon, and he kicked off his late-night takeover with a live rendition of "Black Qualls" for the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Monday.

Thundercat wasn't alone in the effort as he brought the song's featured guests Steve Arrington and Steve Lacy as well as homie Flying Lotus. With that amount of talent on stage, you just knew that the performance would be good. And it was. The fellas got to business almost immediately as they gave the audience — both in-studio and at home — a much needed dose of funk. Thundercat and Steve Lacey (who happened to be wearing coordinated outfits) played well off of each other, and they knew when to step back and let elder funk statesman Arrington have the stage. The set ended with a short-yet-funky jam session with FlyLo, Steve Lacy and Thundercat going off on their respective instruments while Steve Arrington took us back to his soulful heyday with a few soulful riffs.

If this performance doesn't get you hype for the arrival of It Is What It Is on April 3rd, then we don't know what to tell you folks. Go ahead and let the funk take over you when you press play.

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