Aaron Abernathy Teases What’s Next With ‘Too Comfortable’

One artist who we've been turning to quite a bit during this quarantine is Aaron Abernathy. His spoken word album Affirmations has been exactly what we've needed to calm and center ourselves during this trying time. But Aaron isn't only offering daily meditations. This situation has found the singer-songwriter tapping into his creativity and creating new tunes. He gives us a little taste of what he's been making with his new demo "Too Comfortable."

"Too Comfortable" has a throwback vibe to the neo-soul of the early 2000s thanks to earthy production centered on looped drums, guitar and a layered vocal sample that keeps the groove on point. Aaron utilizes this musical opportunity to offer up sage advice on keeping your lover in love. "Time and time again people say / Don't get too comfortable / If you want your lover to stay," he sings on the chorus. Meanwhile, he addresses the ills that often plague romantic relationships like insecurities, hang-ups, doubts and all the other demons. His unique, churchy-yet-soulful delivery is in full effect here and lends the track even more soul and makes us anxious to hear what the track will sound like in its fully mastered and realized glory.

It seems that "Too Comfortable" might be the first in a series of demos coming from Aaron Abernathy, though the artist hasn't officially signified if this will be more than a hit and run. He did, however, drop a tweet that mentioned "Quarantine (Demo)nstrations" — and yes, that's plural. We'll keep our eyes and ears open if he decides to drop more. In the meantime, get into "Too Comfortable" below.

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