Brian McKnight Vows His Love In ‘Nobody’

Brian McKnight's music has soundtracked many a real-life love story, and now he gives us a peek inside his own in the music video for "Nobody." The visual is comprised of footage from his 2017 wedding to his second wife Leilani Mendoza. We're treated to aerial views of the palatial estate where the ceremony was held and given an intimate look at both Mendoza and McKnight's solo preparations before becoming man and wife. Brian sheds a few tears while standing next to his best man (his eldest son Brian McKnight Jr.) as Leilani appears and is walked down the aisle by her father.

After the happy couple says "I do," they relish in each other's company then enjoy a lavish reception with family, friends and guests. In the final moments of the visual, we see more photos and videos of McKnight and Mendoza happily living and loving culminating with fireworks. While viewers are treated to this inside look at Brian McKnight's love life, "Nobody," which he wrote for his wife, serves as the perfect piece of music. You feel his sincerity when he sings, "I'll hold no other hand but yours / You can believe for sure / I'll be nobody's man but yours." He clearly lives by those lyrics.

McKnight calls his latest single "one of the greatest love songs I've ever written," and we'd be hardpressed to argue with the man. "Nobody" is a beautiful declaration of love from one of the best pens in the game. We'll get to hear more of Brian McKnight's work on Exodus, his upcoming 20th studio album, which is scheduled to be released on June 26th.

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