Kaytranada & Masego Get Grimy In ‘Belly’-Inspired Clip For ‘Need It’

Just before 2019 took its last gasp, Kaytranada dropped some last-minute heat with his sophomore album Bubba. Of course, that meant that many of the album's singles and videos would be released in 2020, including the clubby clip for lead single "10%." He takes us back to the dance floor in the video for his Masego-featuring cut "Need It."

Director Andre Bato looks to the opening scenes of Hype William's Belly for inspiration, showing us a club bathed in blue light as what looks to be some nefarious dealings are going down in the bathroom. We soon move into the club to watch what's really going on. Bodies are writhing to the tune of Kaytra and Masego's groove as a crew heads to VIP to confront a rival group. As expected, a battle breaks out. However, this battle doesn't use fists, as the the crews dance it out for power. Eventually one side is victorious and the other is left sprawled on the floor like so much roadkill. After that battle is over, we're finally shown Masego performing on stage and Kaytra manning the DJ booth, although both barely get any camera time.

Despite the lack of their physical presence, "Need It" once again shows just how creative and fun the medium of music videos can be. And you know what's the best part? Bubba is so chock-full of jams that we anticipate many more clips are to come. Get into the vibes and visuals that Kaytranada and Masego offer up in "Need It" right here.

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