Moses Sumney Makes A Death-Defying Statement In ‘Cut Me’

Moses Sumney took us into our feels when he dropped the first part of his album græ: Part 1 back in February. He first introduced the set way back in November with the video for lead single "Virile." Interestingly enough, though, outside of a handful of artistic lyric videos, there haven't been any other visuals taken from the set. Moses changes that with the release of the video for his current single "Cut Me."

"Cut Me," itself about the aches, pains and joys of learning things the hard way, is simple enough in both its arrangement and lyrical meaning. However, the song's video adds another layer thanks to an interesting take written and directed by Moses Sumney himself. He describes his treatment as "a satirization of the medical industrial complex, and a chuckle in the face of black death." How does he do that exactly? Well, he and dancers Emara Jackson and Malachi are shown in ambulances, abandoned hospitals and funeral homes. While these aren't exactly venues that evoke black joy and artistic expression, Moses and crew make it so thanks to the singer's exuberant performance and carefully choreographed dance routines that offer a spin on contemporary art and modern aesthetics. While some of the imagery here is definitely a bit challenging (and possibly even baffling), it's never less than entertaining to watch.

With græ's second half set to bow on May 15th, we're sure we're in for a few more experimental visuals from Moses Sumney in the near future. Prepare yourself by taking a look at "Cut Me" right here.

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