Sammie Is Ready To Escape The ‘Friend Zone’

The friend zone can be a lonely place. Not only are you single, but the one you want is always just out of your reach – and in the arms of the next man. Sometimes, though, you have to step up out of your comfort zone and to get out of the friend zone. That’s what Sammie does on his latest single, the aptly titled “Friend Zone,” tell the girl he loves that he’s no longer content to sit on the sidelines.

“Who better than me for you / You place your heart in the wrong hands / He ain’t it, no,” Sammie opines on the percolating midtempo track. He makes a strong case for getting out of the friend zone by detailing all the reasons why the man she’s with is the wrong one. He’s tired of being the one she runs to when he does something wrong, only to leave him again. He’s tired of listening to all her problems when he’s the solution. He’s tired of being her shoulder to cry on when he really wants her to lay her head on his chest.

Along with sharing the new track, the ATLien also shared a fun lyric video. The colorful visual shows Sammie expressing his feelings via phone. letting old girl know not call him anymore unless she'd ready to save him in her phone as "Bae." Welp!

“Friend Zone” is the first single from Sammie’s upcoming new album, Such Is Life. The project will follow up the EP Send Nudes that he released this past December.

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