SoulBounce Exclusive: Angelica Bias & Josh Bias Are Locked Down & In Love On ‘Quarantine Boo’

This global pandemic that we're in the middle of has altered life as we know it for the foreseeable future. Social distancing, sheltering in place and self-isolating are now the new normal. Some folks are finding it hard to adjust being alone 24/7, but if you're lucky, you're quarantined with your loved ones and making the most out of this bad situation. For everyone who is locked down with a lover and enjoying this downtime – and each other – right now, married artists Angelica Bias and Josh Bias, who often perform as the duo Josh + Angelica, have a timely anthem with their new single "Quarantine Boo."

Angelica and Josh explore intimacy during isolation on "Quarantine Boo." The husband and wife singers/songwriters have used this time alone together to nurture their creativity and their relationship. They don't mind being locked up in love for days on the sultry ballad. "Girl, I'm just tryna see you / Yeah, I gotta see you," Josh sings to his lady on the first verse before they come together on the chorus. "Baby, we ain't got nowhere to go and you're the only thing I want to do," they passionately sing in unison before Angelica handles her business on the second verse. "Don't be scared / Got your essentials all prepared / I heard that it's gonna be like this for a while / Hold up, hold, boy you gon’ give me a child," she sings as the sound of a baby cooing is heard in the background. With all this "Quarantine Boo" loving happening, we suspect that maternity wards will be jampacked starting in December with the next baby boom.

"Quarantine Boo" is a modern duet that details love during coronavirus, but it's a song that we'll appreciate long after quarantine is over. It encourages couples to get back into each other regardless of the circumstances and adds some soulful spice to your sexytime playlists. Get a little closer to "Quarantine Boo" with our SoulBounce exclusive world premiere, and get to know Angelica and Josh a little better on their joint Instagram page.

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