Victoria Monét Wants You To ‘Dive’ In

Sometimes, you just have to cut straight to chase and ask for what you want. Singer-songwriter Victoria Monét does just that on her latest single "Dive" and in its accompanying lyric video.

Loaded with sexual innuendos, Monét leaves little room for misinterpretation with lyrics like, "I wanna see what your head game like / Do you know what you doing? / Is your neck game tight? / Do you know how to use it? / Have a long conversation with me / If you love swimming under the sea, then dive." And just in case that wasn't clear enough, she further breaks down the song's female sexual empowerment theme in a recent statement. "It emphasizes the importance of women getting our pleasure through oral sex. It's not talked about enough from our perspective and I wanted to break the ice," she explains.

While her aesthetic is steeped in the '70s, including the single's cover art, Monét's sound is 100% contemporary. Lush horns help round things out, while the sounds of moans in the background and a squeaking bed à la Trillville's "Some Cut" further drives home the singer's NSFW request. The song's illustrated lyric video takes viewers on a journey across bright sand and sparkling water that loops repeatedly as the lyrics flash across the lower third of the screen.

"Dive" is the third single to come from Monét's upcoming album, Jaguar, and comes on the heels of previous singles "Ass Like That" and "Moment." Even though there's no release date for the project just yet, she has definitely given fans a lot to chew on in the meantime.

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