Allen Stone Observes The World From A Social Distance In ‘Look Outside’

So, let's get real. It's week whatever it is of this seemingly endless era of social distancing. You're tired of it. We're tired of it. Ya mama and your cousin are tired of it, too. However, while there are glimmers of hope, it still seems like this pandemic and resulting quarantine aren't letting up anytime soon. Thankfully, we've got artists like the forever bright-eyed Allen Stone, who reminds us to still take the time out to enjoy the little things with his video for "Look Outside."

The video consists of a video conference call, which has become a constant feature of our new normal. After getting a brief look at Allen getting together virtually with his band members, we're shown black-and-white views of his hometown of Seattle and New York City. The cities are perhaps the emptiest they have ever been, with stadiums unoccupied and streets almost devoid of traffic. However, the video shows us where the real action is at as families and friends gather on a video conference app to play games, have dinner and share life's joyous moments while remaining a responsible distance apart from one another. The clip culminates with an ER doctor in New York City saying hello to the same family and friends as she ends another grueling shift (fun fact: the doctor actually filmed her portion at the end of a long shift, further proving that our medical community is made up of superheroes).

"Look Outside," which was featured on his recent album Building Balance, was written long before this pandemic ever started. Still, it feels like the best possible song to arrive during a time when the world feels a little more crazy than usual. Check out the latest heartwarming video from Allen Stone right here to bring a little sunshine to your day.