Grace Weber Revisits The Past With New EP ‘How Did We Get Here’

Though we remain in (partial) lockdown, many Americans commemorated the Memorial Day holiday this past weekend. But GRAMMY-winning artist Grace Weber celebrated a different kind of memorial – that of a bad relationship – with the release of her indie debut EP How Did We Get Here.

Describing the album via press release, Ms. Weber says, "The project is about a renewal and comeback after a tough season." Although How Did We Get Here centers on the end of a love affair, the lessons learned aren't confined to romantic relationships as she expounds, "I became independent again this year (I'm so excited!), and I think I needed to make this project in order to step into the next chapter, like a clean slate. The project as a whole is about empowering yourself, looking back at the path that led you to now, and then choosing to go forward."

These themes are prominent in album opener "Time On Me," as she reclaims her time from a lover who'd rather play games. Melodic ballad "Crazy To Hope" is enhanced by a smoky sax solo from Masego, passionately underscoring the thrill of a new relationship. The tender sweetness and childlike innocence of "Queen" is a sharp contrast to the soulful kiss-off delivered in "Sideways." Grace opts to close the narrative with "Remember The Way," a song that directly speaks to the most painful parts of her romantic past. As she explains to Billboard, "I sing, 'Don't let me remember the way,' because I never want to go back to that place. I'm moving on, I'm choosing growth, and I'm in a new place."

With the help of producers Jack Dine and Louie Lastic, How Did We Get Here serves as a lovely reintroduction to Grace Weber's silky R&B style. Preview the EP below, download a copy for your collection and keep up with the talented singer-songwriter via Twitter and IG.

Grace Weber How Did We Get Here [Amazon][Apple Music][Google Play]

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