Lloyd Takes Us Back In Time For His ‘Slow Wine Bass Line’

Lloyd and his effortless falsetto have been wooing and seducing the ladies ever since he burst onto the scene in 2003. So it was no surprise that his single "Slow Wine Bass Line" was aimed to be a bedroom banger. What is surprising, though, is that he goes all the way back to a time before he was born in the newly released video for the track.

The clip is set in 1979 Atlanta and takes us to a groovy shindig filled with 'fros, out-of-sight prints and colored lights. There's also something a bit freakier going on as the slow jam comes on and everyone pulls the one they want closer. This is the moment that Lloyd decides to take a tour of the grounds. First, he puts his mack down at the bar before hitting the dance floor. From there, a dark-skinned cutie grabs his hand as they search for a private place to get horizontal. They survey several freaky scenes before they finally make it to their destination and she pushes him on a bed and the real party gets under way for the two of them as the vocoder croons of Teddy Riley (who doesn't appear in the video, mind you) help close out of the clip.

While it's not clear why Lloyd made a '70s-inspired video for a song that leans heavily on an '80s slow jam, the video delivers in giving us a sexy, old-school experience. We'll see if he'll keep this vibe going whenever he's ready to unleash his upcoming album to the masses.



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