Sammie & Rotimi Get A Little ‘Picky’

Sammie has been coming on strong as of late. Last year he released his provocatively titled EP Send Nudes, and just last month he dropped his single "Friend Zone." Now he's back at it again and bringing actor/singer Rotimi along for the ride on his new single "Picky."

A slightly tropical groove greets you when you press play on the track as the mood gets set. Sammie starts things off from there and is feeling all kinds of romantical based on the lyrics. "I'm ready to / Build a life with you / Straight down the line / Yeah I'll split that," he sings. "Let down your guard / Give me your heart / I know it's a lot, I admit that / I need you all in my life." Rotimi is also feeling a bit sentimental, with him willing to show just how much he loves her on the second verse. "There's no limits to my love, you know it / If it's action that you want, I'll show it," the Power star sings. "Real s**t, I can meet your every need / I'm just glad, you're givin' your love to me." Both fellas, however, are very happy to be chosen seeing as they know just how discerning their boo can be when it comes to the love department.

Though we can admit that this isn't a combination we'd imagine, the two fellas work quite well together and have us interested in what else Sammie will be bringing on his upcoming project Such Is Life. Get into "Picky" right here and then check out the track's yellow-hued lyric video below.

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