SoulBounce Exclusive: Jonas & The Scratch Professer Offer A Soulful ‘Pick Me Up’

A little ingenuity can go a long way, especially during these strange new times. We've seen countless stars reach into their creative bags to keep the party going with single roll-outs and even music videos filmed completely in isolation. Soulful Scandinavian artist Jonas, who we last heard from as part of the music collective People On The Hill, is yet another example of this. The singer-songwriter is getting ready to release his latest EP, 4ward Fast To Future, which will contain four never-before-heard songs that are the result of working with his frequent collaborator The Scratch Professer. Today, we're offering a first look and listen with our exclusive premiere of the video for his single "Pick Me Up."

"Pick Me Up" has all the hallmarks of classic neo-soul with its base of Rhodes keys, hip-hop-inspired drums, smooth bass and smattering of horns woven into its fabric. Jonas, meanwhile, offers sweet vocals about a love that always manages to bring him to a happy place. "When I lose my sight / In the darkest night / My only light is you," he sings. "Will you pick me up?" The song feels light and warm, reminding us of the era when neo-soul was king and things seemed a bit brighter and happier because of it.

As for the video, the artist got creative with his resources. But we'll let him tell you how he made the magic happen. "The video for 'Pick Me Up' was also shot at home in strict isolation-lockdown-homemade-style," he tells us. "The woman dancing in the video, and pretending to know how to play the guitar, is my wife Carriene. All of the video was shot on my iPhone, through a filter in Instagram. Most footage was filmed by my 12-year-old daughter Naja. The footage in the video of The Scratch Professer, and the two horn players, Thomas [Edinger] and Lars [Vissing], is from YouTube clips I found them, that I filmed on the screen of my computer with my iPhone. I learned the free video-editing software Davinci Resolve while editing this video myself. I guess some good things do come from a forced time-out like this, eh?"

We must commend Jonas for his resourcefulness in bringing this vision together, as the end result is pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves. 4ward Fast to Future is set to arrive on May 29th. Get into our exclusive premiere of "Pick Me Up" below and let it inspire you to get a bit more creative in your own endeavors should the urge arise.

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