Lenny Kravitz Takes Us Along For The ‘Ride’

Always one to let love rule, legendary artist and forever fine Lenny Kravitz is back with an unexpected and much-needed break from the frenzy of the day with a new music video. The visual is for his track “Ride,” which can be found on his 2018 album Raise Vibration. The song itself feels like an instant release and washes over the listener like a warm breeze. The lyrics serve as an audible love letter as Lenny declares, “I have loved you since the dawn, my love / Through the storm, my love, we will ride.”

The Mark Seliger-directed clip, filmed on location in France at various locations including a Parisian flat and throughout the French countryside, has us all ready to catch a flight. We watch as Lenny and his stunning curly-haired companion create music together and sightsee throughout the city. At face value, the depiction exudes romance. However, much like Lenny, its beauty goes much deeper beyond its lovely surface. Having shot the video long before the global pandemic, Lenny says, “After listening to the song with Mark we had a vision of expressing the song through portraying the characters of the writer and the spirit.” The frequent collaborators succeeded in capturing the synergy and freedom of one’s creativity.

Perhaps most intriguing about Kravitz is his constant evolution and his ability to remain current while continually serving hefty doses of the bohemian-rockstar goodness we love him for. Fall a little deeper for the rock god and transcend the moment when you watch the video for “Ride,” and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full Raise Vibration album.

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