Shay Lia Serves A Rhythmic Reminder That It’s ‘All Up To You’

Though the pandemic has attempted to cast a bit of shade over our sense of summer, singer-songwriter Shay Lia offers plenty of sunshine with her latest single. “All Up to You” is a lively track that reminds listeners to own one’s power to control their destiny. As Shay’s delicate tone floats over the afrobeat-inspired rhythm, good luck keeping still as she sings, “Grooving through the night / Feel it all inside / Cause even when the sky is falling / It doesn't matter you can fly / Don't look back, keep going / If you want it, it's all up to you.”

The Montreal-bred beauty describes the Michael Brun and Tim Suby-produced track as “a big, positive affirmation.” At a time when the current state of uncertainty can easily give way to feelings of hopelessness, she explains, “I wanted to create something positive for people to dance to in these crazy times. I wanted to feel reminded that we’re stronger than we think.” These days, we can all use a bit of reassurance and the message hits even harder when we’re catching a groove at the same.

Let your hair down and cast away your cares as you give Shay Lia’s “All Up To You” a spin. Be sure to add the track to your mood-lifting playlist from your preferred digital platform, and keep an eye out for her forthcoming EP.

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